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Balancing these two very different strategies will be a tall order for these two, but not insurmountable with the right approach. These fun-loving playmates have much to offer one another, but should also be aware of the fact that the rhythm and tempo of how they prefer life to be is likely to be drastically different. The Sagittarius woman looks at life as a playground, but concurrently with a great deal of respect for its hidden depths. She enjoys getting to the bottom of things, and unearthing the secrets behind why people do what they do. Ancient cultures and foreign languages appeal to her greatly, and she likely has an eye for art too.

Many underestimate her and overlook this more distinguished side to her though, because of her often kooky and upbeat personality, all smiles and quick wits. The Taurus man is similarly gifted with a good sense of humour, but astrology often gives him good looks and languid confidence to go along with it. These are admirable traits indeed, but he might need to be a little more on his toes in winning the heart of a Sagittarius woman. She has no time for overly romantic soppy gestures.

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The Taurus man and Sagittarius woman are likely to hit it off though, and dates will be fun, if a little apt to stray from the meticulous plans of the Taurus man. However, the unpredictable nature of the Sagittarius woman may grate on the Taurus man after a while. Before too long, her excitable ways and curiosity leads her to being late for dates, or forgetting to respond to his messages or calls for hours at a time. The scattered and chaotic energy of the Sagittarius woman throws not so much a spanner as the entire toolbox into the works. This is the fastest way to be rid of her though, so he needs to hold back from chastising her — just as she needs to ensure that her wayfaring is taking his needs into consideration.

The Sagittarius man, on the other hand, is likely just the kind of individual for whom the digital nomad lifestyle of today was invented. His free spirited nature likely entices the Taurus woman, who herself is never short of admirers. The Sagittarius man is not one to compete directly though — his style is more to just toss his hat into the ring and see what happens.

Blessed by lucky stars as he is, half the time when he follows his impulses in this way, it works. It can backfire on him though, because he expects his fun situations in life to be as easy to duck out of as they are to get into. The Sagittarius man will love her sensuality, but is bored easily, and certainly not as quick to settle into a monogamous lifestyle as she likely is. Being such easy going and broadly positive people, Sagittarius and Taurus friendship is often quick to form, and also quite likely to last a lifetime.

That said, Sagittarius will likely be harder to get hold of at times, due to their habit of flitting about on escapades. However, a sense of humour, a love of a ribald joke and a fondness for finding new ways to enjoy themselves all make the memories that Sagittarius and Taurus friends can look back on all the sweeter.

The Sagittarius friend is a superb companion when Taurus is ready to try new things and explore new options, and a vacation abroad with them will show off the more cultured side of Sagittarius. These folks have a lot of respect for world culture, and will pick up new languages effortlessly. When it comes to new horizons though, Taurus is the one to trust for food and drink.

Their sensuous knowledge extends to all things, after all, as does their innate love of indulgence. On a more general level, Taurus is also solid as a rock, and is able to help Sagittarius with values like dependability and looking at things long term. That goes both ways of course, with the Sagittarius friend able to show Taurus how to seize the moment where necessary.

The friendship between Taurus and Sagittarius is always going to be there, no matter where life takes these two as individuals. Of course, they prefer not take a slow approach towards relationships in general, warming up gradually.

Sagittarius Compatibility - Zodiac Sign Astrology

Meanwhile, Sagittarius prefer to leap before they look and see where they land, but finds the idea of a long-term commitment frightening. The idea of being trapped with someone tedious and controlling long-term holds no appeal to them whatsoever.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Compatible? - Zodiac Love Guide

Taurus finds reliability in tradition, and has great respect for the institution of marriage and the depth of commitment it represents. Sagittarius has no time for overbearing traditions though, and although capable of sticking with a long term relationship, finds marriage a stuffy ceremony that has become meaningless in the modern age. These very different ideas about marriage need to be overcome before Sagittarius and Taurus married life can go ahead, but luckily Taurus is a naturally patient person.

Efforts by the Sagittarius spouse to introduce sudden excitement or spontaneous adventure will come across as disruptive to the Taurus spouse. The Sagittarius partner is likely to notice that Taurus tends to make less of an effort in the relationship as the marriage goes on. All of this can breed tedium over time that becomes suffocating to Sagittarius, and they could well eventually snap and move on.

This relationship will be full of adventure and fun. Sense the both of them get bored easily they will make sure to engage in fun things often. This couple will also be full of friendliness and affection. Things to watch out for is wandering eyes. The both of them get distracted easily, and might be quickly our of interest. So its important to try to focus on each other. And one more thing to look out for is the fight for dominance. Aries is a natural born leader, and wants to be the leader.

And Sagittarius is more light hearted, and wants to guide the relationship. Both Sagittarius and Aquarius love a busy — perhaps even hectic — timetable, and love meeting people.

Worst Matches

You are likely to become great friends. New and progressive ideas and generally being in the centre of social action is something you both seek, so anything to do with clubs, theatres, outings and outdoor sports will attract both of you. But there are differences too. Your enthusiasm and self-confidence makes you very warm and demonstrative; Aquarius is a little more aloof. You must remember that Aquarius is very quirky by nature and progressive in all their attitudes. You are happy to let people have their own views.

But be prepared for some pretty abrupt and unexpected changes from Aquarius. Even though they are more methodical and prudent than you, there are times when they need a complete change of pace. This might throw you off balance and leave you struggling to adjust. Life with an Aquarian will be dynamic, and never dull or routine. The sexual side of your relationship is likely to be high-energy and exciting. Aquarius is very electric, and very desirable. Your affection can help Aquarius relax and become calmer. This will be a great improvement on their usual frenzied approach.

If you find yourself with an Aquarian born between January 20 and January 31 you might be surprised to find just how strong-willed they are. Aquarians born between February 1 and February 9 are affected by the sign of Gemini and Mercury, which happens to rule your marriage sector. Holy wedlock might just be on the cards if you end up in a relationship with someone born in this period.

Love Conquers All

Good luck. The touch of Venus will help them soothe your soul and make you feel loved and cared for. Your outgoing Sagittarian temperament is really quite different from that of Capricorn. You have an open, optimistic and straightforward nature that tends to take things as they come. You always believe that life will bring you the best, and even when things are not going your way, you still believe that the tide will turn in your favor.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility: An Eternal Quest

Capricorn is regarded as a cold, constrictive and often inward-looking planet. Then they will show you another side of their character. But bear in mind that at first they might feel overpowered by your sunny disposition — they could end up judging their own character against yours. You are adventurous, and love freedom, so sport — anything to do with the outdoors, really — is right up your alley. This is another area where Capricorn is likely to be far more cautious than you.

But equally, if you come together with a Capricorn you to will need to take into account the ambitious and practical side of their character. And Capricorns are receptive. They might warm to your outgoing ways and join you in your escapades. If you take your time to explore Capricorn, they will eventually satisfy you. They are earthy types who need time and persuasion to come around to your way of thinking. Capricorns born between January 2 and January 10 are far more emotional and sensual than those born earlier. Capricorns born between January 11 and January 19 will offer you very stimulating times, including a lot of humor.

Sagittarius and Virgo can work.

Virgo can keep Sagittarius grounded and Sagittarius can help Virgo loosen up a bit. If he likes you more than a friend, make your move. Sagittarius likes to wear the pants in a relationship. Your relationship has most likely worked out because of the different aspects of your planets in your natal charts that the both of you have.

I think it can definitely work. Sagittarius and Gemini are polar opposites so it can go either way but it definitely works. He needs enough space to breathe but needs you near enough to be comfortable. Sometimes Sagittarians can be very selfish in protecting their own feelings so try and think of his feelings to if you feel you need to push away. You can really hurt him like that.

Cap and Sag can work well together with the proper work required to make a long term relationship last. They both are goal-oriented, ambitious, witty, enjoy conversing, and keep emotions composed in tough situations—which are good similarities to have for the long haul. The thing with a Sagittarian and Capricorn relationship is that they are both driven, ambitious, honest, thinker-type people.

They both want a successful life and make loyal friends and lovers. Their approach is totally different. However, the relationship may not be the most stable. Sister signs usually share about half of the same qualities, and the other half being qualities the other lacks. In my opinion, Gemini and Sagittarius are more alike than they are different. I actually know of a Gem and Sag couple that have been dating since high school and are now in their mids and are getting married this year! Astrology is fun and should be used as a guide to help you understand the other person.

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