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Remember: No is a complete sentence. All good? So why are you reluctant to acknowledge it? Boundaries, Gemini!

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Ideally you would spend the day in your own private bubble, creatively problem-solving or attacking a looming deadline. Yet a parade of personal interruptions makes it impossible to concentrate. Or maybe just hold off on your brainstorming session until Sunday. A flowing trine between clever Mercury and madcap Uranus brings the much-awaited opportunity to wander down that rabbit hole of inspiration.

Hold off on making any major career decisions on Saturday, Cancer.

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So before you shoot off an email to your boss with a list of demands or publicly announce a job search, take a deep breath. Soul-searching is fine, but with anything more definitive, sleep on it! Or just wait until next week because there are social plans to be made for Sunday, when spontaneous Uranus and garrulous Mercury mash up in the most people-centric parts of your chart.

With so much luck on your side, a friend with insider perks might just hook you up with a free pass!

The messenger planet is in your money zone, but this dynamic is more likely to scramble signals than to clarify them. Before you share drinks or a meal, make a point of requesting separate checks.

That said, Leo, what goes around comes around. On Sunday, YOU could be the recipient of some unexpected generosity, thanks to a lucky mashup of social Mercury and communal Uranus. A friend may present you with a pair of free tickets, or maybe someone hooks you up with an insider job lead.

The ROI could already come before the weekend closes. In a budding relationship, you might believe this person is into you, then they fail to seize a perfect opportunity. Couples can ramp up the sexual healing with bold and affectionate gestures. Just make sure to choose a safe word! Sunday brings another strong current as Mercury gets in cahoots with electrifying Uranus. Get out in nature and enjoy the dwindling days of summer. Travel plans are blessed by this transit, especially if you log off that Maps app and take a spontaneous detour!

Plus, Chiron could trigger a childhood fear of abandonment. Talk it out with a therapist or wise friend. The compassionate current gets back into a smoother flow on Sunday, thanks to a fortuitous alignment of Mercury and transformational Uranus. The coast is clear to talk about a charged issue, as long as your intention is to resolve the matter by finding a creative win-win. Dance in the moment, Libra, listening with an open mind and heart and composing responses from there. On Sunday, a group hang can turn up refreshingly unexpected results.

Exchange info and follow up next week…and reach out twice, if need be.

Taurus: Your daily horoscope - October 09

The squeaky wheel gets the oil. So even if your product or project isn't impeccable, ask yourself if it's really worth it before painting the entire interior a slightly bluer shade of blue, starting the butternut-squash soup again from scratch, or the like. So recite it to yourself any time you feel the pinch of an expectation that's unrealistic, a recommendation that can diplomatically be described as absurd, an individual that's well-meaning but incompetent, a babysitter who doesn't like to hang out with kids, an employee who thinks bathroom breaks are 45 minutes long, or the like.

CAPRICORN Wednesday, October 09, Old habits die hard, and perhaps none dies harder than the impulse to worry - and then there are your fellows, who may be providing plausible-seeming reasons to fret. Still, setting a good example is its own reward, as is appreciating what you do have which is, truth be told, quite a lot , rather than cataloguing what you don't.

AQUARIUS Wednesday, October 09, When endeavoring to widen your range or broaden your base, just ensure that you've given the requisite thought to what is involved - and how it will actually affect your resources - before venturing forth.

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You know the old "action without thought is like shooting without aim," and, like it or not, that goes for expansion programs as well. PISCES Wednesday, October 09, Per Sun-CEO Neptune: Do anything you can to mitigate or minimize the sense of having bitten off more than you can chew, or finding yourself in an arena, program or venue that bears little resemblance to the arena, program or venue that you were aiming for and can someone please show you the door? A partner, significant other, co-worker, roommate, client, friend, or relative may be getting their jollies by being in your educated but humble opinion a blithering idiot.

The tricky part about deciding to see what happens is actually allowing the space to see what happens.

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The question is less about whether it can be invented, and more about whether it can be implemented. With Sun irking Neptune, assorted individuals are liable to be stepping on toes like there's no tomorrow - in blissful oblivion, or at least that'll be their position if you call them on their conduct.

LEO Wednesday, October 09, This is a world-class opportunity to see it whatever it may be the way it actually is, rather than with an over-optimistic or habitually-jaded perspective. You know the one about asking whether you'd rather be part of the solution or part of the problem, right? With the Sun irritating elusive Neptune, even measuring twice and cutting once may not be enough to keep imperfections at bay. Old habits die hard, and perhaps none dies harder than the impulse to worry - and then there are your fellows, who may be providing plausible-seeming reasons to fret.