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Donning a white linen suit, cream fedora, and sparkling gem shoes Marc asked long-time employees to join them on stage. With that, the crowd erupted as Pitbull stepped onstage looking dapper in his signature suit and sunglasses. Outside the Plaza, passers-by peeked in, heads bobbing to the music. In the windows of the nearby Salesforce East and West towers, employees watched the concert, happily dancing along. Together, we've been able to show that companies can do well and contribute to making the world a better and more equal place. I have supportive and transparent management that cares about both my professional development and personal well-being.

It's that sense of empathy that makes Salesforce feel like a second home. Thank you for recognizing how important it is to acknowledge people with different experiences and backgrounds. Very shortly after I joined the company in Marc stood up to the Indiana Gov.

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Pence for anti-gay legislation which included canceling all business travel to the state and including canceling the Connections conference happening in Indiana. Although Salesforce took a small hit by having to move our event, the message that the company has no tolerance for discrimination makes me proud to work here. We do what we do because your love and passion for Trailhead and Salesforce inspire us to keep innovating. I feel fulfilled both professionally and personally working at Salesforce. A year ago, I was unemployed. I spent my days binge watching Netflix and eating Cheetos while trying to figure out what's next.

I had a handful of Trailhead badges and didn't even know what a Salesforce Admin certification was. I'm so grateful to Salesforce and the incredible Trailblazer Community friends, mentors, and champions that have supported me every step of the way. One of the best opportunities Salesforce gave me was a short-term assignment in Australia. Those months changed my perspective on work, on life, and on leadership, and I came back inspired about the impact we make together as a company and what that means personally for each of us.

We try to figure out how to do the right thing together… for the business, sure, but also for each other. It's quite amazing to be able to experience a hearty welcome no matter where you decide to explore. Truly an Ohana experience! During a hard time in my life due to medical reasons, Salesforce continued to give me hope for a brighter future.

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I looked forward to coming to work every day — working with a great group of people and striving toward an amazing future together for ourselves and our entire ecosystem. Salesforce continues to give me hope, strength and support to have an amazing career and overall life.

Bringing people together with volunteering in many ways with team events and Ohana groups makes me so grateful to work here. Thank you! I feel more connected with my community and take advantage of giving back with Salesforce's donation match! I spend my 56 hours of VTO volunteering in my children's classrooms, planning school fundraisers and volunteering for Girl Scout activities.

No one says no to taking time for VTO. There are many awesome things about working for Salesforce, but not feeling guilty for taking time during the day to participate in these activities with my kids is No.

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The culture of giving and caring for others is like nothing I've seen before at any other organization. Salesforce is always there and showing how strongly they support every single person and group in their community. This was most apparent to me on the MLK march last year. As I walked down the street with the other marchers, I looked to my left and saw our Co-CEO, and I looked to the right and saw another Salesforce President, both marching with everyone else. Taking the time to do this shows the how deeply our commitment to community and giving really is.

After a year and a half of dating, we decided I'd move from Indianapolis to Australia. As Salesforce employee of several years, I was terrified at the thought of giving up my career for love. I'm forever grateful to Salesforce for making my story happen, and it's very unlikely I would have been able to stay with my partner if it hadn't been for their support.

I've grown immensely both personally and professionally, and feel SO thankful for the journey that I'm on. The breadth of experience, wisdom, and diversity I've been exposed to has shaped me for the better. Between everything I have learned through Trailhead and all the new experiences the Trailblazer Community has encouraged me to pursue, I have created an exciting new career path I could never have imagined before.

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