Libra january monthly love horoscope

But tell yourself that the men you love, although they love your temperament, they will feel the need to protect you out of manly pride. The choice is yours!

Gentlemen, the weapons of seductions will fall out of your hands this time, the initiative coming from your partners. This is not going to sit well with you because you regard yourself as respectable conquerors. Your patience will be harshly put to test. In January , you are spending your time in the company of friends and relatives. Someone you care about goes through a difficult period and may need your support. You are good at saying the right thing at the right moment, and this helps you make many friends.

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Your life partner can get a little jealous of your circle of friends. The Libra natives are enjoying a superb month in love, especially if they are hitting the road and if they are looking for a partner. In career, the Libra natives are successful especially in intellectual and cultural activities or during business trips.

Pay attention to your health because there is a major risk of illness or overstrain! You have the tendency to make exaggerated claims and to surprise in an unpleasant manner those around you with absurd whims.

Try to improve your modest side of your personality and to offer, if you want to receive. Protect your respiratory system, which is going to be more sensitive to pathogen agents during this period. Some outstanding events, passionate love, romantic and extravagant sexual encounters are waiting for you. At work, your collaborations and partnerships are going well, you are functioning wonderfully in teamwork. Try to reduce spending and avoid violent conflicts because you risk getting hurt. After a controversial and difficult period, things calm down in your life.

You are starting to see everything from a new perspective and to have more success, especially in love. Be careful how you manage your resources, an important financial collapse is announced. Your health might get affected by anxiety. June brings a strong need to escape from the everyday life. In the couple, long trips are beneficial for consolidating the relationship. You will have an increased availability to take initiative and to fight for what you deserve. Some conflicts in the couple or between the members of your family may occur, fueled by the influence exerted by Mars.

In a Relationship, the worries are partly behind you but do not push anyone to their limits: the tone could rise with a loved one if you occupy the whole place. From the 20th, Venus puts love at the center of your priorities. Single, you're moving into a happier environment. Charming and likeable, however, avoid everything dictating if you do not want to make someone angry around the 8th. From the 20th, love is around the corner. Wisely Saturn makes you wise and Jupiter allows you to conduct rewarding exchanges with your loved ones.

Warm relationships and great ideas bring solutions to your difficulties. Venus helps you communicate but do not overdo it if you want to reassure your loved ones who will not believe all the promises you make. In a Relationship, if Saturn forces you into important family responsibilities, you can count on allies to warm up the mood. This good mood should brighten up the month if you calm tensions and give hope to everyone.

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Single, in January, you can make new friends or loves. You attract attention and affection but do not promise things you cannot keep, at the risk of disappointing and rekindling tensions. Listen to Others The flow goes well, you respect the freedom of everyone and you do not lack arguments or ideas to feed your relationships. Do not compromise your happiness by making no concessions. The tone could rise and the atmosphere could degenerate. On the 26th, Venus will put honey in the exchanges.

In a Relationship, around the 4th, your messages are received five out of five but beware of a tendency to think you are right about everything.

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You risk provoking those who do not like when you make decisions in their place and will make it known. Opt to stay quiet. Single, you continue to gather people around your ideas that are unanimous. But if you are trying to lay down the law in family, we will not hesitate to rebel against you and spoil the atmosphere. On the 26th, Venus brings peace. Advice from FREE Horoscope: You are likely to be in high demand, do not be afraid to communicate on topics that interest and concern you, but do not put pressure on anyone in January.

Yes, you are eloquent, but you are not necessarily right about everything. During the month for January for the zodiac sign for Libra: The First Week, The 2nd, 2nd decan Saturn asks you to invest yourself without too much reserve on the family front, where you are needed.

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It is, therefore, time to reassure without trying to flee. The 4th, 3rd decan, you have the art and the way of astonishing and enchanting by proposing ideas and plans which are in stark contrast to the rest and give others the desire to follow you. The 6th, the new moon invites you to mobilize to manage the stewardship, take care of your loved ones, and make every effort so that everyone moves at ease within the clan. The Second Week, The 8th, 1st decan, if you have the impression of being rid of a heavy weight which required you, in , to give of yourself to solve the problems encountered in family, is it then very useful to throw some oil on the fire today?

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You risk arousing resentments or attracting fights if you do. Up to you. The 11th, 3rd decan, there is, indeed, work to do to change your private and family life to your idea and to finally respect the evolution that you have personally accomplished. The 13th, 2nd decan, it is well by asking yourself about the background and the origin of some family problems that you will avoid spending your energy for nothing today and then maybe succeed in expanding your wings without risk of losing to many feathers.

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To avoid today? Taking off without a belt and projects that are too optimistic and too disconnected from reality. The Third Week, The 14th, 2nd decan, inspired and unifying, you will know what to say to give your entourage the desire to believe in you and your inspiring vision of the measures to be taken to enchant life. The 18th, 2nd decan, your dynamism allows you to rally the votes, even the ones who holdout the most, and then move the lines in many ways. The 19th, 3rd decan, beware of confusions and possible family riots if you decide for everyone or at least without consulting others.

And what if you listen to what we tell you and what we offer you?