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Good Point Mar 13, am. India Pak match has high publicity. People from all walks of life want to cash in. Truth Mar 13, am. Moosa M Mar 13, am. Astrologers do not play cricket.

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Vijaykumar Mar 13, am. Better believe in your bowlers than this unscientific astrologer. Waqar hasan Mar 13, am. Gautam Mar 13, am. Ignore all this and just support your team:. India-Australia in the final India will be champions beating Australia in Final! Rana Nasir Mar 13, am. Iam not being patriotic here, Pakistan will play the final. Satt Mar 13, am. People aware. Media is creating a hype,keep your nerves calm and don't get ruled by the media.

Don't ask Mar 13, am. Sridhar It's an Indian astrologer by the way. And no. No one here is relying on this guy. Khara Bangla Mar 13, am. We all are believing in nothing but hypocrisy. ISRA Mar 13, am. Abid K Mar 13, am. India will win first match nd pakistan will not reach to the final. My prediction. Moshim Khan Ranika Mar 13, am. Kuldeep Sharma Mar 13, am. AKKS Mar 13, am.

We noted it Abdul Mar 13, am. Great, some people are interested in "scientific" astrologer views. TG Mar 13, am. Canadian Mar 13, am. Cricket lover Mar 13, am. Saima Mar 13, am. Hyder Mar 13, am. Sir Utter rubbish and nonsense!!! Aurora Mar 13, am. Faiz Khilji Mar 13, pm. Rustom E Hind Mar 13, pm. Pakistanis are so gulliable cricket as u know can be anyones game on a good day uae will beat Australia ect, and Pakistan can win the cup what I am talking about is the promotion of the game being done by Indians, so that everybody watches the game with intrest Pakistan had a bad couple of years and what better then something to again put some life in these games which pakstan plays against india and all other teams its business.

Sarcastically said. Bashar Momin Mar 13, pm. Janjuah Mar 13, pm. DVK Mar 13, pm. Pune-India Mar 13, pm. Too much Mar 13, pm. Talking Point Mar 13, pm.

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KB Mar 13, pm. Gurjeet singh Mar 13, pm. JP Mar 13, pm. Ajay Mar 13, pm. Sunil Dhiman Mar 13, pm. Joshi Mar 13, pm. Green shirts! Please concentrate on game forget predictions. Satt Mar 13, pm. Divergence Mar 13, pm. Zainul Mar 13, pm. Sadaf Mar 13, pm. Bravo , anything other than this is possible. Asad Iqbal Mar 13, pm.

I don't believe in Astrologer BUT I'm sure my team will rock the party. So the stars are batting for Pakistan now! Best of Luck! AZ Mar 13, pm. IF it reaches finals Bikram Thappa Mar 13, pm. I have seen many astrologers predicting wrong in shareef show of Pakistan. Anon Mar 13, pm. If Pakistan makes it to the final. They won't. Desi Bhai Mar 13, pm. Merchant Mar 13, pm. Sure, you can only hope for the best with the current politically bitten Pakistan cricket. Fiz Mar 13, pm. And afridi's luck ran out a long long time ago. Please play your game only.

Tariq Awan Mar 13, pm. Yea, it is only the astrologer who can take us to the final and make us win!

Best astrologer In Pakistan and Lahore

Hamster Mar 13, pm. Junaid Mar 13, pm. Pakistan getting into finals is itself an upset :. Abdul Mar 13, pm. Dhoni is ok. It is Yuvraj we fear, and Yuvi wil pull India to defeat, like in Dhaka last time. Awais Sheikh Mar 13, pm. Keep it cricket please. Starry eyed batsmen and bowlers cannot be held hostage by stars! Kp Mar 13, pm. Sami Mar 13, pm. Yes why not, but first figure it out to get to the final. One way is by chasing a big total in early match and never be over confident after that.

Khan Mar 13, pm. I don't believe it. Arshad Mar 13, pm. The "Best" team will win the final! I predict! Vorshal Mar 13, pm. Great, just reach the finals! Ali Mar 13, pm. Pratap Mar 14, am. Joshi Mar 14, am. Vidyut Bharadwaj Mar 14, am. What a predicton Lobo.

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  • Akbar Bajwa Mar 14, am. What rubbish! First the 'scientific astrologer' and even more absurd is his prediction. AB Uzair Mar 14, am. You are our only hope, Mr Astrologer Azmeen Mar 14, am. I wish for such upset. AdHawk Mar 14, am. Muslim Medina Mar 14, am. May be another ploy to make Pakistan Team over confident.

    Hype Mar 14, am. Pratap yes he said if they reach final and this if tells every thing. Salman Malik Mar 14, am. Uday Kulkarni Mar 14, am. Imad Qureshi Mar 14, am. The biggest upset of tournament will be Pakistan reaching final. I am Pakistani by the way. I'll be more than happy if Pakistan could make it to the finals! Dev Mar 14, am. Nikesh Mar 14, am. Samad Chaudhry London Mar 14, am.

    Abdulla Hussain Mar 14, pm. Sivaram Pochiraju Mar 14, pm. Farhan Hashwani Mar 14, pm. Its nothing more than just a mind game Chaitannya Mahatme Mar 14, pm. Fahad Khan Mar 14, pm. Rumana Mar 14, pm. Neither India nor Pakistan will win this world cup. Best wishes to team India. FAS Mar 14, pm. Rajan Mar 15, am. Vorshal Mar 15, am. Give a thought Abdulla Hussain! Mukul Mar 15, am. Ebrahim Mar 15, pm. First try to win against Bangladesh. Read more. On DawnNews. Comments Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Mar 13, am. Asit Ghosh, Mumbai. Lost cause. Good Point. Moosa M. Waqar hasan. Rana Nasir.

    Don't ask. Khara Bangla. Abid K. Moshim Khan Ranika. Kuldeep Sharma. Cricket lover. Faiz Khilji. Mar 13, pm. Rustom E Hind. Bashar Momin. Too much. Talking Point. Gurjeet singh. Sunil Dhiman. Asad Iqbal. Bikram Thappa. Desi Bhai. Tariq Awan.

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    Awais Sheikh. Mar 14, am. Vidyut Bharadwaj. Akbar Bajwa.

    Best Astrologer in Lahore Pakistan.

    AB Uzair. Muslim Medina. Salman Malik. Uday Kulkarni. Imad Qureshi. Samad Chaudhry London. Abdulla Hussain. Mar 14, pm. Sivaram Pochiraju. Farhan Hashwani. Chaitannya Mahatme. Fahad Khan. Mar 15, am. Mar 15, pm. Latest stories. Fake list of 'instructions' attributed to JUI-F goes viral on social media. Afghan president fires foreign ministry spokesman over comments on Pakistan's talks with Taliban: media. France delivers first Rafale fighter jet to India.

    Kashmiris are not alone in the world, says US presidential candidate. Sri Lanka outclass Pakistan by 35 runs to claim T20 series in Lahore. Must read. The two sportsmen who had the makings of superstars have now reduced themselves to laughing stocks. Arifa Noor. The JUI-F chief is trying to stay politically relevant. His desperation is obvious. Rafia Zakaria.

    Tasneem Noorani. The reasons seem clear to everyone except the government. Mahir Ali. The history of US intervention is a saga of mass destruction. Maulana Fazlur Rehman appears firm. For him, October means October, and the 27th to be exact. Editorial October 09, Feeding the hungry IT is laudable that Prime Minister Imran Khan remains committed to his cherished aim of creating a welfare state in October 09, Turkish offensive WHILE Syria has been largely quiet in the recent past, save for a few violent episodes between the rebels and Aananda kumar Party planner India.

    Ragini Sukla Student India. Anita Chopada Artist India. Naveen Kumar Businessman India. Yet One Of The Best.. He is the best in his field of horoscope reading and future predictions. Naresh Aggarwal Marketing Manager India. Priyanka Tiwari Singer India. Tushar Jain Travel Agent India. I like that. Thank you so much for all information hitesh sir. Madhav Verma Photographer India. Sameer Malik Actor Pakistan. Praful Bidwai Journalist India. Hey sorry in the world. Meena Rana Singer India. Tania Sachdev Chess India. Mohd Arif Zaki Builders Pakistan.

    Danish Khera Doctor Pakistan. Big thanks to Hitesh sir. Sujata Sharma Teacher India. I too want to be perfect like you. Rohan Malik Civil Engineers India. Kailash Rathore Singer India. Indrajit Yadav Shop Keeper India. I am totally changed by my mind…. Manushi Mishara Student India. Mr Saagar Cricketer India.

    Sarita Goad Doctor India. All your remedies are amazing,They have changed my life and have given me a perspective in life. Aawesh Baghel Athlete India. Sundar Thapa Musician India. Payal Paul Jewellery designer India. Karan Thapa Bank Manager India. Yasin Malik Dancer India. Taniya Verma Doctor India. Varun Yadav Teacher India. Pavle Ahlawat Student India. Jackie Kaushik Musician China. Soni Punia Politician India.

    Rani Talwar Dancer India. And light to all those who are in need.


    Rakesh Sukala Duilder India. Durgesh Vajapeyi Politician India. Rohit Sachan Indian Navy India. He is extremely friendly. And gives you a much positive energy. Kuldeep Air Force India.

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    Sachin Ahalwadi Account Manager India. Saniya Yadav Web Developer India. Ragini Saini Doctor India. Neera Mehra Air Hostess India. Satish Kaushik Entrepreneur India. Full Name What is your full name? Email What is your email address? Heading A headline for your testimonial. Testimonial What do you think about us?